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About Me



Psychotherapist in training under supervision at the  outpatient Sigmund Freud  Clinic, 2017

Several years of specialized training in Gestalt Therapy at the Institute IG Wien


Clinical internship  at the psychosomatic Station 6B, General Hospital of Vienna (AKH) psychotherapy and Group therapy, 2017


Work with refugees at Ute Boc, Psychological Testing, integration, and psychotherapy, 2015


Co-therapist in a Self- Help Group at the  Sigmund Freud University,  2014


Summer Camp Viennese Youth Recreation:  supervisor and guide for children living in deprived social environments.  (WiJug – MAG ELF), 2014 


Pedagogical  Work at  Arbeitskreis Noah 21 Work with children and adolescents, 2014


Psychosocial care in the Hamburgische Brücke with dementia clients, 2013 




Throughout my life, I have lived in different countries including Germany, Panama, Cayman Islands and currently Vienna. From these diverse backgrounds, I've gathered experiences from many cultures that in turn have made me become an open-minded person. I have been confronted with many changes in my life which have taught me to grow and further develop with every challenge.


I believe that every person has the ability to further develop in the face of challenges or difficult circumstances. It does not matter whether we are 18 or 80 years old. It is never too late to realize oneself and become the best versions of ourselves.


Studies and Training

At the moment: 

Master studies in Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University


Member of the Association of Austrian Psychotherapists (VÖPP)


Currently working in private practice with Adults in Vienna 1080


What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic method of psychotherapy, which was developed in the late 1950´s by Fritz and Laura Pearls and flourished in New York City. The couple fled before World War II to escape the National Socialism which was spreading all over Europe.


Unlike most psychotherapy methods, Gestalt therapy does not focus on modifying or changing behaviors. This therapy modality believes that we have the abilities of self- healing within us. However, sometimes we reach areas or issues in our lives where we feel stuck and need some support to bring back the creative changes that are necessary to further develop our potential.

This is when Gestalt therapy becomes a process of self- exploration. Rather than using interpretation, the Gestalt therapist meets the client in the current process and guides him/her in active awareness work.


Active awareness work can include imagination, body awareness or the empty chair method. Rather than just talk- therapy, Gestalt therapy offers a sense of movement, aliveness and expression of energy through phenomenology. Phenomenology refers to the minute by minute process of awareness in the here and now.




Private Praxis in Vienna 1080 
Stephanie Sattkowski
Tel: +43 670 60 49 627

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” J.P. Morgan



Maria-Treu-Gasse 6/9
1080 Wien 
Österreich - Austria
+43 670 60 49 627


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