Latin American Transcultural Psychotherapy

"Your mother tongue is the language of your emotions."


Latin American Transcultural Psychotherapy (LATP), is a psychotherapeutic approach that integrates the inter-and transcultural aspects for the treatment of psychological problems in  the Spanish-speaking community. LATP is inspired by the fusion of two methods of psychotherapy; Psychoanalysis and Gestalt, which cross their paths for the psychotherapeutic treatment between the cultural aspects of thinking, feeling in relation with conflicts and psychic problems in a new culture. 


For many Latin American migrants, migration itself can be experienced as a "culture shock." Culture shock is often determined by the grief of the loss of one's own culture, as well as by the change of identity through a new environment. 

If the grieving processes are not managed, it can lead to depression, psychosomatic diseases, identity crises and paranoid reactions, among other things. 


The need for LATP is characterised by the fact that it offers psychotherapy in Spanish for the Spanish speaking community. The mother tongue serves as the basis for psychotherapeutic treatment. 

LATP offers individual and group psychotherapy in: 

Group therapy: (Duration: 90 minutes/€30.- )


  • Cultural Integration Group: Migrants ' Migrants in the Process of Integration; The basis of this group is the treatment of the problems of identity and loss. 

  • Group for people with eating disorders (anorexia/bulimia) 

      Mixed deep psychologically sound therapy group: In this group, the       main topic is difficulties in relationships. 


Individual therapy: (Duration: 50 minutes/€60.- )


  • Migrants in integration process 

  • Inter, Transcultural Therapy 

  • Psychosomatic complaints 

  • Eating disorders 

  • Depressive episodes with Somatic syndrome Social phobias 

  • Panic attack 

  • Complaints linked to life crises 

  • Sexual disorders 

  • Personality disorders 


Sattkowski: +43 699 17 11 05 39
Rios: +43 650 55 340 66
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• Bachelor Psychotherapy Science studies at the Sigmund Freud Private University
 Master studies in Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University
• October 2016 - May 2017 Clinical internship at SOWHAT: Medical Institute for People with Eating Disorders
• October 2017 Psychotherapist in training under supervision
• January 2017-July 2018 practical work at the Sigmund Freud University Outpatient Clinic
• September 2018 Psychotherapy in Private Practice

Member of the Association of Austrian Psychotherapists (VÖPP)

Jorge Luis Rios BA. pth. Psychotherapist under Supervision Psychoanalysis

"The mother tongue is the language of your emotions"

A Transcultural psychoanalytical essay by Psychoanalyst Jorge Luis Rios 

 An interview with Jorge Luis Rios by the  International, psychoanalytical online  magazine "The Vienna Psychoanalyst"


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1080 Wien 
Österreich - Austria
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