Group Therapy

In group therapy, we provide a safe environment where one can work on interpersonal relationships. Group therapy is a source of support where one can also learn coping strategies from others. Group therapy also enables the feeling that you are not the only one dealing with difficulties in life. 

Individual Consultation

Consulting offers you support with specific questions and requests in the private or in the professional life. Therapy sessions are often limited to fewer sessions than a psychotherapy process.


Individual Psychotherapy & Self - Awareness

There are moments in life where we are overwhelmed by a certain situation or problem. We often forget to feel our emotions and understand what our instincts and body are telling us. In therapy, together we will figure out ways to understand your problems and to see things from a different perspective.  A new understanding and awareness leads us to break free of predisposed patterns and allows us to become the person with our true potential.

Couples Therapy

Often in relationships, we feel misunderstood. It feels as if our words and needs don't come across to your partner.  In therapy, a couple learns how to communicate through conflicts constructively rather than destructively. The couple re-establishes an emotional closeness with each other with acceptance and understanding. Previous, unresolved conflicts are worked through in order to allow a new relationship to surface. 


In the workplace, one must often take on many responsibilities. In our work, together we would develop stress management skills, competence in areas of responsibility and social communication skills. Overall, we would address the current difficulties you are experiencing in the workplace.

Skype Psychotherapy

Skype psychotherapy has been shown to be an efficient treatment from the comfort of your own home. If due to disability or long distances you are not able to attend to therapy in person, this is a good alternative.

Therapy offered in: 

Deutsch • English • Español


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